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Abdominal Health Preservation

Abdominal Health Preservation

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In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are considered as the pathways through which qi and blood flow in the body, and it is crucial to keep the meridians unobstructed for good health.

Abdominal care and health preservation
The abdomen is a golden section in the human body. Strengthening abdominal care has great benefits for promoting overall health.

Why work on the stomach? The lower abdomen is the center of the body's massage. Massaging the lower abdomen can promote the balance of Qi and blood, enhance overall blood circulation and intestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, regulate Qi, prevent accumulation, constipation, indigestion, and weight loss...

Benefits of abdominal management:

Improve gynecological inflammation and regulate cold uterus and dysmenorrhea.
Improve cold hands and feet.
Improve weight gain caused by cold and dampness.
Improve constipation and promote intestinal peristalsis.
Unblock the meridians, tighten the skin, and firm the body.
Enhance beauty, nourish the skin, and fight aging.

 How to take care of your belly:
Meridian Brush + Herbal Energy Essential Oil
1. Apply herbal energy essential oil to the abdomen and waist
2. Massage the abdomen with a meridian brush for 30 minutes
3. After using the meridian brush, lie down on the sofa or bed, then put your hands on your belly button and massage in circles with a little force, 300 times on the left side and 300 times on the right side.



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