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Back Health Preservation

Back Health Preservation

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In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are considered as the pathways through which qi and blood flow in the body, and it is crucial to keep the meridians unobstructed for good health.

Don't think that you're just patting your back, it is silently doing 6 things for you:

1.Improve sleep, dizziness, headache, and dull, yellowish complexion.
2.Improve shoulder periarthritis, neck pain, easy stiff neck, and memory decline.
3.Improve poor brain circulation, inadequate blood supply, and oxygen supply.
4.Prevent acne on the face and back.
5.Prevent senile dementia, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases.
6.Persist in patting every day, thinning the back and neck, opening up the meridians of the five viscera and six bowels, and staying energetic!

How to Use The Back Meridian Tap Bag

1.When using the tap bag on the back, the best time for exercise is in the morning, and avoid exercising at night.

2.Each time of tapping exercise should last for 30-40 minutes until the back feels warm and comfortable.
3.At the beginning of tapping, the back may feel painful. You can remove some of the filler first. Start with 10 minutes of exercise per day. After a week of exercise, gradually get used to it. You can put the filler back into the bag and then insist on 30 minutes of tapping exercise every day.

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